Registration for Ugandans in the United Arab Emirates

The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Abu Dhabi is committed to rendering consular services to Ugandan nationals resident in the United Arab Emirates. 

Accordingly, ALL Ugandan nationals living in the UAE who hold Ugandan Passports are mandated to register their presence with the Embassy. Indeed, page 47 of the Uganda Passport makes reference to a requirement for Ugandan citizens living abroad to register their names and addresses at the nearest Ugandan Mission abroad. Failure to do so may in a period of emergency result in difficulty or delay in according in offering assistance or protection. 


1. Registration will make your presence and whereabouts known in case it is necessary to contact you in the event of an emergency such as sickness, detention, natural disaster, civil unrest etc.

2. Help family and friends in Uganda get in touch with you in an emergency. 

3. Enable the Embassy regularly update you with important information such as safety conditions, diaspora engagements, official celebrations, meetings, developmental activities and publicising of new services by the Mission.

4. Registration with the Embassy helps to re-unite lost and found documents such as passports, IDs and certificates with their owners or next of kin. Some of these documents are returned to the Embassy by Emirati authorities after failing to trace their owners.

5. Registration is a basis for which the Embassy can certify your Ugandan citizenship in the event of loss of passport and process a replacement or Emergency Travel Document. 

6. Improve networks by identifying potential investors for public-private partnerships in various sectors including agriculture, mining, health, education, tourism and hospitality etc.

Please note that each member of a household must be registered separately. This includes minors. Kindly make use the attached Registration Form to register details concerning yourself and next of kin in Uganda who holds Ugandan Citizenship. We shall neither share nor sell your information to third parties.

By submitting the consular registration form you are agreeing for your information to be used by Uganda Embassy Abu Dhabi and The Government of Uganda for the above-mentioned reasons. 

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