About the Mission


Uganda's Foreign Policy Priority focus is on the following thematic areas: 

Regional and International Peace and Security, Economic/Commercial Diplomacy, well-being of Ugandans and promotion of Uganda's image abroad. These areas are in line with Uganda Vision 2040.

The Head of Mission role is important in contributing to the realization of the above mentioned areas of Policy focus.  It is a requirement to give priority attention in the day-to-day work to the following specific actions and report on them on quarterly basis:

a) Strengthen bilateral Cooperation between Uganda and UAE in areas of Cultural, Economic, Social, Political and Security areas.

b) Facilitate promotion of Uganda's exports of goods and Services to UAE.

c) Lobby for inward transfer of investments.

d) Facilitate tourists attraction. 

e) Identify and facilitate transfer of appropriate technology from UAE in areas of renewable energy, agro-processing and Oil and Gas.

f) Mobilize Uganda Diaspora in UAE for their contribution to national development.

g) Negotiate bilateral agreements with UAE on externalization of Labour, Diplomatic consultation, Promotion of investments and avoidance of double taxation.

h) Handle consular cases reported to the Mission.

i) Source employment opportunities for Ugandans in UAE.

j) Acquire property for the Chancery and official residence in Abu Dhabi.